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08 September 2008 @ 02:18 am
PROFILE: King Ostergard, Rupert Van der Akker, and Tatiana Van der Akker  
King Ostergard
Age: 43
Height: 6' 2"
Hair: Dark Blue-Gray
Eye: Deep Blue

Physical: He's actually quite a good looking middle-aged man. He has the tall and very well built body of a winner along with a healthy skin tone. His slicked back and perfectly cropped dark Blue-Gray hair has began showing signs of gray here and there, but not much. Also, he has a well-formed and well-trimmed goatee surrounding his mouth.

Family: Daughter, Rhea

Personality: Some would say that King Ostergard is somewhat out of his mind. And this is probably true. But the mind is much easier to look at from the outside, right? Normally he's possessive, calculating, and rather cruel, but this is all multiplied by his odd nature to make everything a game. Why does he do this? Other than being a tad bit crazy, he really, really, really likes to win. Heck, he even goes out of his way to start fights just so he can win at them. When he does lose he usually handles it very immaturely by calling the other person a cheater and... then he has them executed. He always wins. Always.

Rupert Van der Akker
Age: 54
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Auburn, with hints of grey
Eye: Clear Blue

Physical: A tall and well-built man, though his wife has accused him of growing around the middle more than he should. His hands are rough from weilding a sword, but he says it was so his son(s) wouldn't have to. His auburn hair is cut close to his head and kept in a neat and tidy fashion. His eyes have crows feet at the corners, and there is almost always a smile on his face.

Family: (2nd) Wife, Tatiana. Sons, Ewan (oldest), and Odin (youngest).

Personality: A very cheerful and happy go lucky man. He works hard to make things easier for everyone else. He loves his family dearly, and is proud of the way his sons are growing up into fine young men.

Tatiana Van der Akker
Age: 42
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blonde (hiding the grey)
Eye: Dark brown

Physical: Her hair is almost always pulled up into a bun on the top of her head to support her crown. Her dark eyes are always sparkling with energy and, like her husband, she is always smiling. She's a rather narrow woman, but her sharp features don't make her look frightening.

Family: Husband, Rupert. Step-son, Ewan. Son, Odin

Personality: Not like your typical step-mother at all! She's very kind and proud of both of her sons. She treats Ewan as if he was her own child. While she is more strict than her husband, she does it out of interest for the people (because sometimes Rupert's ideas aren't always as logical as they should be).