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02 November 2008 @ 02:02 pm
Histories: 01  
In which Ewan wonders what it would be like to have a younger brother


            Ewan used to think that it would be fun to have a younger brother. Or at least, he might have thought something like that if he had been older than two years. But then his mother had passed on and his father married again and he knew that he would never be able to have the younger brother that he had always wanted.
            Odin was born a few months after he turned three and he began to realize more just what this meant. Between the two of them, it would be Odin that always got everything. That’s how all the stories in his people’s histories went. His step-mother was a frightening woman, which meant she would try to destroy the happy relationship he had with his father.
            Young Prince Ewan contemplated running away as he got older, but knew that his father would never let him get away with it. Besides, he didn’t know where he could run away to. He decided then that he would move to a different part of the castle. That way, he could still be around if his father needed him, but he would be out of the way so that his scary step-mother wouldn’t have to try anything on her own.
            The only problem was, after he gathered up a small sack with some toys, books, food, and a change of socks, he turned around to find Odin standing right behind him. Ewan frowned. “What do you want?”
            “I want to play!” Odin chimed happily, his face sporting a wide and eager grin. He held up his own bag, stocked with treats and a picture book.
            “You can’t play. You stay here with your mom.” Ewan shouldered his bag and went to step around the little boy.
            Odin moved in front of him, his sprite-like eyes glaring up at him. “Why can’t I play too?”
            Ewan put his hands onto his hips and frowned down at him, trying to act like his father did when someone was being stubborn. “Because this is something that only I can do!”
            The boy tilted his head to the side, curious. “But I want to always be with you! Being like big brother is something I want to do!”
            He stared down at his young brother, surprised at the words and not entirely too sure what they meant (he was only six at the time), but he decided that… Maybe having a young brother wouldn’t be so bad after all.


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